MATY'S Aromatherapy

for love and harmony...

Dear friends and business partners,

MATY´S Aromatherapy s.r.o. was founded with a desire to create premium candle products that are not only beautiful but also natural and environmentally friendly.

Monika and Marcel Balhar, founders of the MATY'S Aromatherapy brand
Monika and Marcel Balhar, founders of the MATY'S Aromatherapy brand

We strive to give people more than they ever expect - to be excited and amazed. That is why our products are suitable as very special gift items. We believe that this approach to products is our strongest side and we are constantly developing other original products in line with this philosophy. We do not want to harm, we want to bring love, harmony and joy into the lives of everyone. Help us to spread natural candles and waxes to reduce the use of harmful paraffin wax products. Only time will show how difficult this task is, but we believe that we will succeed together. Finally, let us assure you that our will and desire to do everything honestly, reliably and well, will not change. We are happy to convince you that these are not just phrases but the reality of our everyday business.


Monika and Marcel Balhar,
founders of the MATY'S Aromatherapy brand

  • Our customers' health and responsible approach to nature are our top priorities.
  • We emphasize 100% proven quality of individual materials (natural soy wax, cotton wicks, organic colours, etc.).
  • That is why we use only the best components and produce the products manually in the Czech Republic.
  • At least 50 % of our production is represented in sheltered workshops where we try to help physically or mentally ill people.
  • At present, we are able to produce each product in the quantity of about 30,000 pieces per year. If necessary, we can increase our production.
  • We provide our business partners with a marketing service. This support includes the delivery of promotional materials in the country's language (A3 and A4 posters, stickers, shop boards, etc.). We also provide brochures with a detailed description of the MATY'S Aromatherapy brand, which, of course, includes detailed description of all products produced by our company.
  • We are constantly developing other unique products in accordance with our philosophy (health and environmentally friendly materials, further use, production in the Czech Republic, luxury design and packaging).