MATY'S Aromatherapy

for love and harmony...

  • Our customers' health and responsible approach to nature are our top priorities.
  • We emphasize 100% proven quality of individual materials (natural soy wax, cotton wicks, organic colours, etc.).
  • That is why we use only the best components and produce the products manually in the Czech Republic.
  • At least 50 % of our production is represented in sheltered workshops where we try to help physically or mentally ill people.
  • At present, we are able to produce each product in the quantity of about 30,000 pieces per year. If necessary, we can increase our production.
  • We provide our business partners with a marketing service. This support includes the delivery of promotional materials in the country's language (A3 and A4 posters, stickers, shop boards, etc.). We also provide brochures with a detailed description of the MATY'S Aromatherapy brand, which, of course, includes detailed description of all products produced by our company.
  • We are constantly developing other unique products in accordance with our philosophy (health and environmentally friendly materials, further use, production in the Czech Republic, luxury design and packaging).