Coffee Tree as a Gift

MATY'S candles want to make you happy even in the future...

If you read something about Maty's scented candles, you will find that we have set ourselves a goal of creating a candle that will still have a value even after burning out.

Therefore, with every candle, we give you a pack of seeds of the Arabian coffee tree, which is easy to grow and together with the Maty's jar or pot they makes a truly harmonious combination.

And yes, you will even have your own coffee :-).


(Coffea arabica nana)

Getting Started

You don't need the jar yet. Enjoy the company of your elegant candle and don't rush.

Meanwhile, put the seeds in a bowl and add water at about 30 ° C. Let them rest there for one day at room temperature. Then plant the seeds in a small plastic pot with permeable soil about 2 cm deep (the coconut substrate is ideal, but nourishing garden soil would work well too).

Make sure that the seeds are kept in a damp environment, but do not overwater them. Shade or semi-shade and a temperature of 22-28 ° C are ideal. A baby coffee tree should start peeping at you within 1 to 2 months.


Enjoy your 100 hours with our candle to the full. When it burns out, try not to cry and clean the jar (hot water will help).

When the coffee tree becomes a tiny good-looker, about 5 to 10 cm tall, move it to a plastic pot that fits into the candle jar. The coffee tree prefers nourishing, humusous soil. Ideally stir some sand in it and put a few stones on the bottom of the pot so that the plants are better protected against overwatering.

For the future

The coffee tree likes moisture but does not like standing in the water. It doesn't like big temperature changes, so it prefers to stay inside in the summer. In winter it is ideal to reduce the air temperature and to reduce watering for 2-3 months. If the temperature remains the same, water only a little less.

Your coffee tree will be very happy if you fertilize it several times a year with fertilizer for ornamental flowers or orchids.

If you give it love and care, you will get the red fruits that hide coffee beans in just two years. However, you may have to wait longer, even twice as long

.Good luck to both of you!
Yours MATY´S Aromatherapy