MATY'S Candle Refills

We searched for a permanent value

Do you know the feeling when you get a beautiful candle from someone important, and are you sorry to burn it?

We have two solutions.

Soy wax and intense scent will win everyone's heart - a refill will ensure more beautiful moments of relaxation.

Another option is to breathe new life into the crystal jar. You can place peanuts, pebbles or other small things inside, or plant a coffee tree there.

How does it work?

Refill is a unique service on the market. 

This service will be appreciated by everyone who doesn't want to give up healthy light and beautiful scent. That is why we offer the unique possibility to order another refill in a gift package – for a fraction of the price of a new candle.

Just choose one of the scents, simply put the refill into the original candle jar and then enjoy more intense relaxation.

Which scent is the right one?

It's not easy to decide, because each of them is unique.

Wild cranberry will enchant you by its fresh tones as well as a intoxicating overtone. Lavender is now widely used for its calming, antidepressant, and relaxing effects. And the freshness of the Alpine hills is here for those moments when we need to refresh.

However, it does not stop there. We are gradually expanding the selection of non-fading scents for you.

From a wide range of scents, we have chosen Caribbean vanilla, exotic green tea, fresh watermelon, sensual jasmine, sour blackberry and seasonal apple with cinnamon.

Try all of our scents and find the right one.

Refill Scents

Lavender from Provence

Caribbean vanilla

Sensual jasmine

Wild cranberry

Exotic green tea

Sour blackberry

Freshness of the Alpine hills

Fresh watermelon

Seasonal apple with cinnamon