MATY´S Large Candles

for love and harmony...

100% natural wax

100% luxury design

100% made in CR

100% Natural Wax

We did our best to choose the right wax to create a healthy and luxury candle.

Classic paraffin waxes, which are also used for the production of premium candles, are harmful to health. However, our safe soy wax protects you and the environment.

  • 100% natural soy wax (suitable also for allergic persons)
  • 3 wicks made of 100% cotton
  • up to 100 hours of burning 
  • the selected scents last throughout the entire time of burning  (Relaxing Lavender, Original Cranberry, A refreshing scent from the Alpine hills)

100% Luxury Design

In addition to quality, the design of the candle is the main thing for us. From the very beginning, we treat Maty's scented natural candles as a gift product.

Everything in the package has its place - it strives for a strong first impression.

  • We made the crystal jar to be part of the home even without the wax, including the enclosed gift.
  • You will receive the candle in a luxury gift box with magnet closure..
  • It is a representative gift suitable both for your love ones and business partners.

100% Made in the Czech Republic

The health of our customers and responsible approach to nature are our top priorities.

We emphasize the 100% proven quality of the individual materials (natural soy wax, cotton wicks, hydroglaze, etc.).

We use only the best components and all of our products are handmade in the Czech Republic.

At least 50% of our production is represented in sheltered workshops.

We are constantly striving to expand our offer with more healthy and luxury products.

Using the Candle After It Burns Out

This is our strength. We love candles, so we're sorry when they burn out with nothing  left.

1. Decoration

The design of the dose makes it a very beautiful part of the interior.

Whether you put nuts, pebbles or anything else in it, you can be sure that it will look great.

2. Pot

As a gift we enclose seeds of the dwarf arabica nana coffee tree to to every large  candle.

A coffee tree is beautiful, undemanding and bears coffee beans.

3. Candle Refills

A quite unique service on the market; when we send our customers a new candle refill (any scent) at a very favourable price.

All you have to do is to remove the packaging, put the wax in the jar and the candle is as good as new again.

Maty´s Candles in Brief

Maty's scented candles are made of premium quality components and they are really large – the weight of the candle is 1.2 kg + 0,3 kg package and its dimensions are 13 cm × 8 cm. 

It is a unique gift even for hard to please customers, which will become a permanent part of every interior. 

  • handmade in the Czech Republic
  • 100% natural soy wax
  • up to 100 hours of burning
  • three scents that will not fade away
  • luxury gift set 
  • present with every candle (seeds of coffee arabica plant)
  • further use of the candle (decoration, pot, wax refill)