MATY'S Scented Waxes

100% natural

100% luxury design

100% made in CR

100% Natural

It may sound strange to give somebody a piece of scented wax.. And if you look to a common shop window, we must agree - it is neither representative nor imaginative.

You should also stay away from classic waxes, mainly because they are usually harmful to your health. Frequent burning of  paraffin candles may harm your health. It may cause asthma  or cancer. Too high price for cheap candles and waxes.

Maty's waxes are made of high quality 100% natural soy wax. They don't harm your health or the environment.

100% Luxury Design

The wax you get from us will surprise you at first sight. We supply the wax pieces carefully and tastefully packed. This is to make them a perfect gift even for hard to please persons.

And just wait till you let yourself be carried away by one of our scents. You don't need to worry about strange artificial scents, which are actually bothering (do you know it too?)

We offer just three scents that made it through our demanding testing - calming and relaxing lavender, juicy and playful cranberries, and also the sparking fresh alpine scent.

100% Made in the Czech Republic

The health of our customers and responsible approach to nature are our top priorities. 

We emphasize the 100% proven quality of the individual materials (natural soy wax, clear glass,

We use only the best components and all of our products are handmade in the Czech Republic.

At least 50 % of our production is represented in sheltered workshops.

We are constantly striving to expand our offer with more healthy and luxury products

MATY´S Scented Waxes in Brief

We make 100% healthy waxes, which will provide your home with beautiful scent. As always, you may also expect a beautiful gift package. 

You may also use the wax as a sample of the scents before buying a large candle. The package contains 6 pieces of the wax (the total weight of the waxes is 0,17 kg).

  • hand made in the Czech Republic
  • 100% natural soy wax
  • 300 hours of intensive scent
  • three scents that will not fade away
  • luxury packaging